IN.CO.S. Structural Construction Industry

IN.CO.S. srl is a company that operates in the construction of metal structures. Founded in 1995 as an artisan company, today it is confirmed as a point of reference in the medium-heavy metal carpentry sector.

It is a solid and consolidated reality within the Italian and European panorama. Important collaborations and technological innovations have guaranteed the growth, skills and awareness of a group of people who work within the company, giving greater guarantees to customers.

A progressive idea in the role of trainingtechnical research and investments in cutting-edge machinery have made it possible to enhance the production and implementation of finished products and certified processes of high technological value.


The company has been operating for over 20 years, guaranteeing a high level of experience in the field of building, industrial and infrastructural constructions and carpentry able to cope with any realization. IN.CO.S. provides all its experience and knowledge of the sector to provide customers with complete assistance for various kinds of carpentry work. Thanks to expert staff and latest generation machinery, it guarantees the design, production, installation and maintenance of each carpentry product made.


We believe the commitment to safety is the best investment for our production system. Our men are trained to work safely.

This is a central theme of our company philosophy: work well, work safely through courses, awareness and empowerment of the workers.

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