Carpentry for Water Containment Tanks

Our know-how at the service of "great works"

In.Co.S. Srl, based in the province of Milan, operates with seriousness and competence in the sector of the production of containment tanks and metal containers for the industry of various types, relating to the supply, storage, transfer and purification of both water, waste fluids, oils, and chemical agent products normally used in the industrial sector.

The experience gained over the years in this sector allows us to offer you high quality custom-made Liquid Collection Tanks, Cisterns, Decanters and Liquid Storage Tanks, of any shape and size according to customer specifications, all certified to offer our customers a guaranteed, certified and tailored product.

The great experience gained in the sector allows to manage production with the maximum flexibility suitable for the most diverse design needs.

The use of Certified Steel Sheets and its subsequent processing with specific and innovative machinery, certified welding procedures and tests, determine the perfect execution of the product.

Today we consider ourselves reliable and competent partners and we offer solutions that last over time, which is why several leading companies in the sector have been collaborating with us for several years.

As a market leader in the production of safe liquid storage systems, In.Co.S. offers you the widest range of bathtubs available on the market.

Steel Liquid Collection Tanks Carpentry

The steel containment tanks, the classic in In.Co.S production, guarantees safety in the storage of water pollutants and flammable substances. Within the panorama of our steel liquid collection tanks you will also find special versions dedicated to the filtration of oils, at the service of machine tools. Thanks to optimized production processes and constructive simplifications, they are offered at a quality / price that is unmatched on the market.

The correct choice of the steel liquid collection tank will guarantee you the optimal resistance against the dangerous substance you have to use.

Stainless Steel Liquid Collection Tanks Carpentry

The multi-purpose stainless steel liquid collection tank proves to be a winning choice in the storage of aggressive, flammable and water-polluting chemicals, guaranteeing great effectiveness against corrosion.

Materials used: Carbon steels and Stainless Steels (AISI 304-308-316);

Additional Services: Internal coatings with anticorrosive products;