Containers – Shelters – Housing Systems


For years, In.Co.S. Srl, provides its customers with its expertise and ability in the production of Containers, Shelters, Housing Systems and special modules tailored also according to the customer’s needs.

Containers description:

The prefabricated metal structure, in certified quality material, is continuously welded on the outside and sealed inside, to allow insulation and remain unchanged over time. The artifact has a significant mechanical structure and despite the risk of yielding and yielding, the load-bearing frame easily absorbs the shocks and stresses of movement under full load.

The standard perimeter infill sheets are corrugated and obtained with dedicated molds, obtained by cold profiling in sheets of various thicknesses, giving excellent structural, functional and aesthetic resistance. The corrugated pitch of 280mm and height of 30mm allows to offer excellent performance in terms of ductility, weldability and bulk and at the same time be economically advantageous.

The upper and lower corner blocks, the openings for the forks of the forklifts, the possibility of lining internally with insulated panels, floating floors, liquid collection tanks with walkable grids, air extractors, skylights on the ceiling etc…. .


The construction variety of the containers has been constantly expanded to include all types of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys, with the possibility of inserting the required openings, windows and doors. At the same time, the commercial effort made it possible to rethink its use in various sectors in a modern and safe context.

In.Co.S. Srl in addition to being able to provide 3.1 certifications with CE mark and declaration of performance (DOP) relating to the material received from the steel mills or from its qualified suppliers, it has the UNI EN 1090 certification. Its metal carpentry activities therefore comply with the legislation in force for the construction of structural components and kits for steel structures in EN1090 EXC3 execution class.

All the work was carried out by our certified staff to obtain a perfect regular work.


Application sector:  

Pharmaceutical chemist, construction sites, oil and gas, dams and water treatment, infrastructures and tunnels, metallurgical and steel industry, naval industry.

For civil, industrial, military and humanitarian use


Standard ISO from 6’ 8’ 10’ 20’ 30’ 40’

Measurements on request from:

Ext. width da 2000 x 2400 mm (78.7 x 94.5 inches);

Ext. lenght from 2000 x 12150 mm(78.7 x 478.3 inches);

Altezza est. da 2200 x 3500 mm(86.6 x  x 137.8 inches);

Or made to measure for every need;

Weight: 0,5 ~ 10 ton (1000 ~ 20000 Lb)

Material used:

  • Carbon steel (S 235/275/355)
  • AISI 304 and 316 stainless steels
  • Aluminum alloys

RAL painting according to EN ISO 12944

Execution class:

from 2018 – ongoing