Metal Carpentry for Industrial Ventilation

Our know-how at the service of "great works"

In.Co.S. collaborates over the years with leading companies in the field of metal carpentry for industrial ventilation, supplying components and accessories in metal carpentry, of medium to large dimensions, with a dedicated division, producing tailor-made every customer request and for any type of application.

Thanks to the high experience and knowledge in mechanical constructions for Metal Carpentry for Industrial Ventilation, we manufacture fan boxes, impellers, bases, fittings, silencers, gate valves and assembly of all components to supply complete systems.

In carrying out its metal carpentry orders for Industrial Ventilation, perfect execution of the finished product, certified first quality material, welding procedures, quality control, non-destructive controls and surface finishing cycle specifications is ensured.

Overhauls, repairs and re-adaptation of deteriorated or obsolete elements of complete machine groups, with specialized personnel, mechanical and electrical checks are carried out.

Materials used: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and wear-resistant materials.

Surface Finishings: Hot and / or electrolytic galvanizing, painting, pickling, polishing and satin finishing.