Seaside Structure 40 NODI


Structural design and construction supervision: Ing. Marafioti
Architectural project: Arch. Mirco Muscatello

The 40 NODI SRL bathing establishment is a private investment built on a twenty-year concession on the Rattaconigli beach in Bordighera (IM).

Metal carpentry description:

The first stage of processing was to supply n. 30 vertical columns in tube diam. 203 sp. 50 mm complete with log bolts and reinforcement plates. We assisted a company specializing in foundations to carry out the piling. The support piling is the inflection of the poles into the subsoil up to 6 meters, it is usually carried out on not very consistent soils, transmitting the loads of the surrounding supporting superstructure.

After the foundations phase, we connected the vertical columns to the load-bearing structure made of HEB 200 beams and HEB 120 secondary beams with M16x70 and M12x70 bolts and screws marked S.B.

We then built and assembled the staircase that connects the ground floor to the 1st floor, consisting of n. 2 lateral leg loops with plate 200 th. 15 mm with steps welded in angular 40 × 40 of 350 x 1200 mm.

The parapet of the staircase was made with vertical posts sp. 10 mm and 6 mm diameter stainless steel ropes and stainless steel tube handrail sp. 60 mm. The walkway connecting the 1st floor to the seafront was built with HEB 200 beams and secondary beams in HEB 120 with M16x70 bolts and screws.

All assembly was carried out with the assistance of a mobile crane for lifting and positioning the material

The carpentry was supplied painted with a C5M painting cycle according to the EN ISO 12944 standard> 15 years (tot. 320 microns): SA 2.5

  • 60 microns on average of Epoxy Zinc
  • 220 micron average of Epoxy Intermediate
  • Average 40 microns of acrylic polyurethane finish RAL 7040

Description of wooden floors and walls:

The floors were made of treated pine slats sp. 28 mm; for the ground floor a substructure made of sea pine slats sp. 80 mm x H 180 mm fixed between the HEB 200 beams in carpentry to obtain a stiffening and reinforcement mesh to guarantee a capacity of 500 kg / m2.

For the upper floor and the walkway connecting the structure and the seafront promenade, a marine plywood sp. 18 mm + treated pine slats th. 28 mm. The steps of the stairs were covered with marine plywood sp. 18 mm + slats th. 28 mm.

The entire perimeter of the 1st floor and the connecting walkway were enclosed by a safety railing H 110 mm made with iron uprights with previously machined plates of section 100 × 10, welded on the plate sp. 10 mm with reinforcements and fixed to the underlying structure while the handrail, in stainless steel tube diameter 60 mm, was made on site with TIG welding to obtain a perfect mechanical and visual seal. The filling of the parapets was done with 6 mm diameter stainless steel ropes positioned with a pitch of 90 mm.

After the assembly of all the services and furnishings, we intervened for the final phase: installation of the gutter channels for the collection of water and masked with a mainly aesthetic finish covering made of pre-painted aluminum sp. 2 mm.

The whole work was assembled by our qualified personnel to obtain a perfect workmanlike creation.


Rattaconigli beach Bordighera (IM)

H max 4.2 mt – 1st floor 15.3 x 8 mt – 2nd floor 12 x 8 mt with 2.2 x 7.2 mt runner

Weight: 40 tons c.a.

Used material:
S275JR – S355JR steel or higher

RAL 7040 painting according to UNI EN ISO 12944

Execution class:
EXC2 EN1090

May / July 2018