Design, at the service of "great works"


Always for In.Co.S. the moment of planning represents the strategic phase for the perfect execution of each realization.

On the one hand, our “know-how”, that is the experience of over 30 years gained in the field, allows us to foresee each subsequent phase in the processing and therefore to identify in a project all the technical measures that are necessary to define an effective executive project.

On the other hand, the “engineering specialization” of our technical department, made up of key figures including a design manager, a structural engineer and a designer, allows the most complete understanding of the design specifications. The In.Co.S. technical office it also uses the most adjourned software, e.g. CAD 3D modeling, F.E.M structural analysis, photorealistic rendering, etc.

In this way our design clients, such as architects and engineers, can find in In.Co.S. competent and specialized assistance, entrusting with confidence and security to In.Co.S. their metal carpentry projects.


In.Co.S. has always used the expertise of top experts and professionals in every engineering sector, such as mechanical, plant, energy, structural, metallurgical, etc.

Today in In.Co.S. technical office among others there are a design chief, a structural engineer and a civil designer , for which today In.Co.S is able to offer a complete internal design service able to offer a complete executive project for each conception in the field of carpentry metallic.

For the construction sector, we offer in particular internal structural design (EXC3 EN 1090)

We are also able to offer:

  • inspection and survey with drone / 3D CAM;
  • 2D workshop drawings and 3D executive projects;
  • F.E.M. structural calculations;
  • Fire safety practices;
  • construction site safety (RSP-RSE);
  • supervision of works (DL).


CAD software

The CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for computer-aided design are indispensable tools to support the technical drawing activity and have as their goal the creation of high-precision drawings that architects, engineers and professionals in various sectors rely on, such as mechanics, systems etc., to create highly accurate 2D and 3D models.

In.Co.S. uses new and constantly updated CAD software such as:

Inventor® provides professional 3D tools for mechanical design, product simulation, their documentation. It is a highly efficient tool thanks to a powerful combination of parametric, direct, free form and rules-based design capabilities. It allows you to model directly in a 3D environment, obtaining the corresponding 2D executive tables quickly and effectively.

The possibilities provided by Inventor®, alone or in integration with other software, are many and powerful, such as:

  • Project specific analysis;
  • Realization of the system model (generally in 3D);
  • Realization of the executive 3D model;
  • Creation of 2D executive drawings and / or solid models for CAD / CAM;
  • Creation of separate components to be built;
  • Creation of commercial components.
  • CAD drawing of single mechanical components;
  • Recovery of drawings generated in previous CAD formats;
  • Generation of CAD drawings (3D solid models and 2D executive models) starting from manual drawings;
  • Creation of 3D assemblies starting from drawings of manual assemblies;
  • Use of title blocks, formats, templates and drawing rules / methods at the Customer’s request;
  • Sending our designers to the Customer’s technical offices for the insertion / storage of projects and / or drawings in the company databases, as well as the start / management of other planning / drawing phases.

Other fundamental CAD software used by In.Co.S. :

Autocad® fundamental tool for 2D / 3D drawing, it is perhaps the most famous and used software for vector technical drawing, therefore it allows the shared use of projects, with which it is possible to communicate and interact even between different figures, thus being able to collaborate in optimal way. Furthermore, its versatility allows the production of files that can also be used in other more sectorial programs, making it the basis for any type of technical graphic production.

3ds Max® fundamental tool for 3D modeling, one of the most complete software for the creation and especially the three-dimensional modeling of more complex elements thanks to its powerful editing capabilities. It also has a large choice of plugins made by third parties with which to implement its potential including especially photorealistic rendering software.

Autodesk®Rendering fundamental tool for photorealistic rendering, very important is also the graphic rendering, with which to return an image as close as possible to reality, so as to be able to understand in an optimal way the relationship of the built in the existing environment and therefore the possible real impact that it has for its function, therefore being able to predict in an increasingly plausible manner

FEM software

FEM (Finite Element Method) software for finite element analysis of structures and individual structural components. Static and dynamic analyzes can be carried out, with response spectrum for each seismic zone. The national regulation NTC2018 is used as well as the Eurocodes for the main materials such as steels and aluminum alloys. It is possible to carry out checks according to various foreign standards (eg. ASTM, BS).

In.Co.S. uses new and constantly updated FEM software such as:

Sap2000® elemental analysis a finite element calculation program designed for civil engineering and produced by Computers and Structures Inc., California. Sap2000 is currently used in over 160 countries around the world and thanks to its highly qualified staff of engineers and researchers, it has been at the forefront of structural calculation for over 40 years. The adaptation to the Italian Technical Standards includes, among other things, the seismic mapping of the Italian territory, the response spectra, the possibility of interfacing with other programs and carrying out all the tests. Sap2000 also carries out checks according to the main foreign regulations and according to Eurocodes 2, 3, 8 and 9.

Nesting software and component simulation platforms designed for mechanized cutting and sheet metal deformation, for industry and production environments.

In.Co.S. uses new and constantly updated nesting software such as:


The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) software are used by our production plants and use various different types of CNCs according to the needs and the product. Each of them has its own peculiarities that allow it to adapt to specific order requirements.


Our Team

Our technical department is composed of a trained team with specific professionalism in the field of structural engineering and research and development.
In the development of projects, In.Co.S. makes use of advanced and constantly updated CNC software.

Denis Quinzi:

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – Account Manager 
Business Development Manager

Enrik Kondo:

Technical Office & Project Management
Project Manager

Ing. Abhilash K K

Responsible for structural design, drawings, perform structural calculations
Structural Engineer