Prototyping at the service of "great works"

In.Co.S. has developed a unique experience in the creation of three-dimensional prototypes for infrastructures and industrial plants, using state-of-the-art equipment for 3D PRINTING.
The services we offer are aimed at any technical-production reality that needs to simulate geometries, assembly phases, component kinematics or promote a design idea to investors and customers and investors through the presentation of a 3D model in scale of absolute precision.
• feasibility analysis and prototyping with 3D printing;
• pre-sizing with static and dynamic F.E.M calculations;

3D printinglaser sinteringstereolithography, with polyamide-type materials, make it possible to quickly and economically produce both conceptual models and structural prototypes aimed at mechanical and thermal stress tests.
The polyamide models can be finished externally to obtain a high level of aesthetic quality.